An Urban Myth

Once upon a time in a land faraway. “Urban Pixies” did fly and strive to play.
While just around the corner and a bit disheveled, roamed their counterpart tribe “The Roving Rebels”.
It was love at first sight, so they joined their forces, and off they flew on winged horses.
Together they wove such pure delights, half roving rebels with spirited sprites.
Trinkets and feathers with glorious leathers, oodles of fringe mixed with earthen treasures.
Grommets and studs and daffodil buds, bits of lace round baby doll face.
Belts and buckles for various plays, all merged together in curious ways.
Their love child thrived to vibe for all, and from this union…

Dana Duval



Texas native Dana Duval, has embraced artistic expression as long as she can remember.

Her artistic studies began with Ballet at age 10 and continued for twenty-two years, dancing for five nationally recognized dance companies from coast to coast. After ballet she began formal studies of fashion design in Seattle, eventually leading to Greece, where she discovered a parallel infinity for painting and various creative media. Five years later she returned to the United States to found Slitt, an alternative apparel company. After three years, she left Slitt to pursue a career as a fashion photo stylist with an emphasis on costume design. Working with many nationally recognized photographers, Dana has built a reputation of creativity and resourcefulness. Currently focused on leather design, Dana is creating her leather art in the Bywater District of New Orleans, and debuted her leather designs at Jazz Fest 2019.

“Passion for art and life defines my work. The quest for artistic expression transcends a myriad of art disciplines, both performing and visual. Clothing design, costuming, painting, sculpture, ballet, and leather design continue to shape my life today.”